Narrowly avoiding big round numbers.

Managed a few enjoyable long runs in three different ranges this past week, as well as some shorter high-intensity outings close to home.  Total mileage for the week was 97 miles with 29800′ of gain.  Done in around 19h30m. 

08.05.13 Sentinel Hill Climb + Etc. 12mi, 3300′, 1h45m:
Did the M to Ridge Trail to the summit in just under 27 minutes, which is respectable, but not particularly fast.  I did this at around 5PM and definitely felt the heat.  Then some cruising around some of the less frequented trails of the Sentinel massif.

08.06.13 Mosquito Peak via Stuart Peak, 26mi, 7000′, 4h15m:
Tagged the Summit of Mosquito, bypassing Stuart Peak on the way out, tagging its summit on the way back.  This was my first trip up Mosquito during the summer and with good visibility, and the views are really remarkable, with many of the Rattlesnake basin lakes visible.  The massive McCleod Peak dominates the viewshed, and I’m again inspired to try and reach the top of it, which there is no really easy way to do.  The trail is fast and flowing, and the descent from Stuart always goes faster than I expect it should.  I took some superfluous detours off trail before reaching Mosquito; I think that this will go under 4 hours next time. 

08.07.13 Fire Road Intervals, 6mi, 40m:
Standard stuff.

08.08.13 Lolo Peak, 14mi, 4900′, 2h51m:
Up and down as quickly as possible (for me).  Splits:
0:51 Vista Point
1:31 North Summit
1:39 South Summit
1:47 North Summit
2:20 Vista Point
What this tells me is that I need to learn how to go much faster downhill.  The last mile before the trailhead, I started hitting the pace that I wanted, probably somewhere between 5 and 6 minutes.  Now I just need to do that all the time.

08.09.13 Sentinel Hill Climb + Etc., 10mi, 2500′, 1h30m:
Slow hill climb (29m) and some pretty relaxed jogging around the mountain. 

08.10.13 Mineral Hill + Pt. 8098 + Echo Peak + Iron Mountain + Daly Peak, 25mi, 10100′, 7h55m:
Long tour in the Scapegoat, making a loop above Kleinschmidt flats and hitting most of the major summits between the East Fork of the North Fork and the Big Blackfoot.  The bypass trail around the east side of Cooper’s Lake is weird and unintuitive and took a long time.  Windy Pass is cool, and the views from Mineral Hill are worth the difficulty of getting there.  Everything between Windy Pass until after Daly Peak was overland, with a significant amount of Krumholz-whacking, as well as a little bit of 3rd class, particularly dropping from Daly into Dry Creek.  A significant portion of the terrain was not runnable, and I felt like I hiked half the day.  Despite the length and relatively stout vertical, I felt really good at the end of this one.

08.11.13 Gully Loop, 4mi, 1000′, 36m:
I had big aspirations to do an additional long run this day, but friends from California were in town, and we decided to boat the Alberton Gorge instead.  Still managed a small run in the evening, but not quite enough for either 100 miles for the week, or 30k vertical. 

Snowbowl backcountry from Mosquito Peak.

Mineral Hill from the east.

Mineral Hill (Center) and Echo Mountain (Left) from Daly Peak.
Big McCleod and the upper Rattlesnake.


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