An uncomfortable recovery week 7.29-8.4

A trip to Austin for work necessitated a fairly mellow week of training, simply due to time constraints.  Totals of 50 miles with 6900′ of gain. 

07.30.13 Double Dip Course, 13mi, 3000′, 1h57m:
Ran this depletion style, imbibing no calories or water before or during.  I took a solid tumble while descending Smokejumper, skinning both knees, both shoulders, and (somehow) my forehead.  Managed a good tuck and roll, but ended up coming to rest with my head in the middle of the trail and both feet upslope and against a sapling.  Already feeling sort of hypoglycemic, I had to take a minute.

07.31.13 AM Fire Road Intervals, 6mi, Didn’t time:
Continued attempts to put some speed in my legs over the flats, a skill in which I am sorely lacking.  Felt a little shin pain after this one.

PM Sentinel S./N. + University + Etc., 10mi, 2500′, Didn’t time:
A result of feeling guilty about not climbing any hills for the day. 

08.01.13 Sentinel South Loop, 6mi, 1400′, 42m:
PR by a bit on this one.

08.02.13 Circumambulation of Zilker Park via Shoal Creek, Austin, TX, 10mi(+5 sauntering), 1h20m:
After my flight to Austin, and a bit of work for the afternoon, I should have joined my co-workers in watching the country’s largest colony of Mexican free-tailed bats take flight while being showered in guano.  Instead, I opted to take advantage of the 105 degree afternoon heat, 80% humidity, and concrete to inflict some rather severe discomfort upon myself.  Considerable shin pain at the end of this did not, however, dissuade me from an additional 5 mile late night journey around Austin’s 6th St., the party hub of the city.  I feel a little bad for the hordes of rickshaw pedaling hipsters soliciting rides … There are so many of them that they can’t possibly make a decent living, even with the thousands of drunks. 

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