Back on the homefront.

Garnet canyon scenery.

At the beginning of July, I took a final trip home to the Tetons before moving to Alaska.  I did some skiing in the Tetons, hung out in the motor-home with my folks and their dogs, and did a long run through the Gros Ventre Wilderness with my brother.   

Middle Teton Glacier, Teton Range, WY (12mi, 6500′, 7h):

The Middle Teton glacier.  
Overlooking the Schrundel.  A few minutes later, a large section of the snowfields on the East Face of the Middle Teton would break off and go careening down the runnel and into the bowels of the glacier.

Middle Teton from the Ellinwood Col.  That’s the way you would go to get to the top, if that seemed like a good idea at the time.


Shoal Creek to Swift Creek traverse, Granite Creek Basin, WY (19mi, 6000′,7h):

There was still a bit of snow in the high country on July 5th.

Will slogs along the divide between the Columbia and Colorado basins, with Battleship Mountain behind.

Taking advantage of the short growing season.  Tetons visible in the distant distance.

Waiting for an opportune moment.

Will’s sunglasses are reflecting Antoinette Peak.

Black Mountain

Heading down.

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